Komatsu España announces the New features and benefits for WB93R-8, WB97R-8, WB93S-8, WB97S-8
Posted on 06/04/2022

Komatsu España announces an EU Stage V upgrade for all its backhoe loader range. The new WB93R-8, WB97R-8, WB93S-8, and WB97S-8 nowfeature an EU Stage V compliant engine along with proven aftertreatmenttechnologies. They also retain all the values of the previous models to offer a robust,reliable, and ultra-low maintenance solution to your customers.

Following the successful introduction of the -8 range, the new Stage V compliant models brings a range of high-standard features to the Komatsu Backhoe Loader family. With a clear focus

on safety, this updated Komatsu backhoe loader range is a perfect balance between great visibility, operator comfort and productivity, which makes it an ideal match for any customer’s needs.

The Komatsu development team also listened to customers to deliver a driver-centric EU Stage V experience that keeps the unique Komatsu backhoe loader lateral exhaust pipe & compact bonnet combination, brings concert hall like cabin acoustics, and serves up a variety of all-new options that deliver exceptional customer values.

With their confident, dynamic, and purposeful stance, the Komatsu EU Stage V bakhoe loader range is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Major upgrade for its backhoe loaders range


• Long-life diesel particulate filter; 8000hrs life – peace of mind.

EU Stage V emissions compliant – peace of mind, participate in any tender.

• Increased engine displacement: 3,6 litre.

Power assisted brake - Safe. Low fatigue - comfort up - production up.

• Quick coupler line for WB97’s backhoe - Drive down PDI, customization

efforts, and costs, in your workshops.

Rear tool box as option - Workspace well organized.

Engine hyper vent function - improved engine cooling -productivity up.

Error codes now visible in Komtrax - easier maintenance - reduce cost.

Michelin Power CL tyres option - high versatility.

Factory fit Lehnhoff MS/HS available as option - Guaranteed Komatsu.

quality, ease of purchase, and safety of the complete package.

DAB radio option - peace of mind

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