Komatsu introduces the new K100 boom change system for PC490HRD-11
Posted on 25/08/2021

Change machine configuration in minutes, from inside the cab.


With the introduction of the new K100 boom change system for its PC490HRD-11 high reach demolition machine, Komatsu Europe offers customers a new level of demolition project efficiency. The K100 boom change system allows you to reconfigure the machine within minutes, without leaving the operator cab, so the most effective attachment can be used at every stage of the project.




Komatsu’s New K100 boom change system

With relatively few changes to the structure of the well-known PC490HRD-11, the K100 builds on proven durability and adds new in-house Komatsu Group technology with highly visual graphical controls, operating in compliance with ISO safety regulations.

The operator cab of a machine with the K100 system looks very similar to that of the conventional boom change machine. All the controls of the K100 system are incorporated within the Human/Machine Interface (HMI) panel, which doubles up as the working range indicator system in normal use. The HMI panel offers instructional animations as well as a built-in view from the alignment camera so that the operator is fully aware of the machine’s condition at all times. No additional monitors are needed, ensuring the view from the operator cab remains uninterrupted.

With a total of six different working configurations, from the 32 m extended high reach through the powerful 28 m high reach to the medium reach and digging equipment, the PC490HRD-11 already offers a wide range of configurations, ready to handle any part of a demolition project.

The K100 boom change system makes these wide ranging capabilities significantly more accessible. There is no need to manually handle any heavy hydraulic hoses or to carry out any manual work at height when changing the machine’s configuration. Used to its maximum effect, the K100 system could even allow the PC490HRD-11 to carry out both primary demolition as well as site clearance, perhaps even removing an extra machine from the site.



PC490HRD-11 K100 system – New features and benefits

NEW – Maximum convenience

No need for external help for boom change process.

No need for access ladder or platform.

No need to remove additional counterweight.


NEW – Unrivalled versatility

Change boom configuration in minutes, without getting out of the cab.

Use one machine for all tasks on demolition site.

2500 kg attachment capacity with 32 m extended high reach configuration.


NEW – operating costs

Save costs of extra machine and operator for site clearance & support work.

Change machine configuration without working at height – no need to return to depot for configuration change.

Reduce machine into smaller sections for transport


NEW – Simple-to-use control software

Attractive graphical touch screen operator interface.

Step by step guidance on screen.

Built-in camera view for equipment alignment.

Combined monitor panel to maximise view from window.



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