Komatsu Batteries campaign
Posted on 30/09/2019


Komatsu batteries are produced with the most modern materials and provide exceptional value

  • Reinforced polypropylene case resits breakage in temperature extremes and extends service life.
  • Maximum vibration resistance and more power per kg provided by tight pack positive and negative plates anchored to the container bottom and locked at the top of the element for "Heavy Duty" version.
  • Heavy-duty radial grid with ideal acid/paste combination for better charging.
  • Deep pocket envelope separators for better protection of plates, less shorting and extended service life.
  • Terminal post bushings for resistance against acid seepage, which causes corrosion. Thicker internal terminal posts provide lower electrical resistance and higher cold cranking amp output.
  • Handles for easy installation.
  • Cover with built-in safety directing corrosive gases away from battery and hold-downs.

Other features

  • Special computer-aided design and manufacturing for more durability.
  • Hybrid technology (Pb/Ca negative grid and low Antimony positive grid) for reduced water consumption.
  • MF technology (Pb/Ca negative and positive grids) for very low water consumption, maintenance-free over an extended battery life.

Press contact

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