15th & 16th March

Kesa Annual Dealers Meeting

Last Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of March took place the Kesa annual dealers meeting. This year we gather everyone at Finca Torremilanos (Aranda de Duero). Later, we moved to the ARPAPE facilities where there was a demonstration with the Hybrid Komatsu excavator model HB365LC-3 and several Komatsu machines owned by the customer.


The Shell team, together with the Komatsu España team, organized an Oil Telemarketing day at the Carlos Sainz Karting facilities. It was in a single day in which a good number of Komatsu dealers could enjoy a karting competition like an oil sales marathon, managing to sell more than 30,000 liters.

1st January 2018


Komatsu Spain S.L. (KESA) is the official and exclusive distributor of Komatsu machinery for all of Spain. KESA started its business in the Spanish market in 1964, initially as SAKI S.A. In 1993 he changed his name and since then it is KESA, becoming a benchmark company in the machinery sector.


ADVANTAGES * Expense 100% deductible, according to the legislation in force * New or almost new machines * Continuous Renewal: Access to a series of the latest manufactured models. * Maintenance and home included in the fees. * Reduction of investments in fixed assets, controlling expenses * Use of specific equipment for each application * Risk reduction, Cash-flow provision and improvement in income accounts. Contact telephone number: 34 918872658 / +34 918872654 e-mail address: comercial@kesa.es

Wheel Loader


Komatsu Spain is specialized in the repair and recovery of the main components of all Komatsu machines whose main target is to extend the useful and efficient life of these equipments.